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Royal Mail Dirty Tricks include

making out that your label date
is late as home labels have a date
to be posted by and charging 2
extra to the recipient.
Counting the length as width and
putting a surcharge of 2 on the
Sticking lots of brown tape on a 5mm
depth item which makes it to deep &
incurs a 2 surcharge.
Slicing your item and stealing the item
a serrated end is the give away.
These are all events that have happened
to us frequently  22 out of 43 itema.

Adrian Steele is after 3 x Macclesfield v Orient
2019-20 programmes
e mail us and we will pass on
to him

L Treymaine of horley is looking for a number of scottish programmes if you feel you might be able to help tel 01257 278823 or e mail
the wants include Third Lanark, Dundee, Dumbarton, Dunfermline, Kilmarnock, East Stirling, Partick, Arbroath, Clydebank, Highland League and more.from the 1960s and 1970s.
Roger Rolfe of Sutton  is looking for the following badges from his following Carshalton Athletic, if you have any contact Roger at Carshalton clubshop on matchdays.
Addlestone & Weybridge, BAC Weybridge, Bootle, Bracknell T, Cobham, Consett, Dunstable T, Eastbourne Utd, Edmonton, Edmonton & Haringey, Egham T, Faversham T, Finchley, Ford Utd, Frimley Green, Guildford & Dorking Utd, Harwich & Parkston, Horley T, Letchworth T, Leytonstone, Littlehampton T, Maldon & Tiptree, Marlow, Redbridge Forest, Royston T, Ruislip Manor, Saffron Wealdon T, Southall & Ealing Boro, Stevenage Boro, Wandsworth & Norwood, Ware T, Willesden, Wembley, Wimbledon, Witney T, Wivenhoe T.

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