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It appears to be the fashion  for some clubs to not produce programmes on paper merely produce them on line. Some of the excuses have been "not enough people turning up", "cant afford to do programmes"  "its less bother to do on line then on paper"  as I have experienced, I am sure you have experienced other reasons.
The other evening I attended Harefield United who have decided to only produce on line, and talked to some of the fans who were told at the gate "we don't do paper ones anymore", some of the fans said they would not come back again and those were regular supporters others phoned friends who were on their way advising their friends to go elsewhere such as Hillingdon Borough, Oxhey Jets or Wembley all close by all producing programmes on paper, quite a few stated they did not have the internet so would not return.
Last season a few clubs decided to not produce paper programmes and they discovered fairly quick that fans would stay away and visit other teams.
Fans  pressure forced most of those clubs to start issuing again this season.
Football clubs will eventually loose out, can they afford to loose the gate money, money spent in the bar, money spent on food and drink at the tea bar as well as other extra such as sales of souvenirs "badges, scarves etc", ?  whilst a number of sponsors formerly advertising in the programmes have withdrawn sponsorship,
The matchday experience for most football people is  paying an entry fee, picking up a programme(s), a drink or two in the bar, and some wonderful unhealthy footie food. Take away part of that experience and people will; not turn up.
Clubs you have been warned the ball is in your ground.
As  for the Soccer Club Swap Shop annual programme awards we will absolutely not accept entries NOT on paper.

Well done to Northwood who failed to issue on paper 2017-18 but now issue again for 2018-19, and have found attendances are well up.

FOR A GOOD LIST OF CLUBS NOT ISSUEING GO TO "non league matters" FORUM  "groundhopping and programmes"

Todays decision to expunge the 2019-20 season shows the total contempt the Football Association has for its non league clubs. Firstly very few clubs between levels 3 to 7 were consulted, I am told none below step 5 were consulted at all, Secondly the FA ignored a strongly worded letter from over 100 clubs to resume the season, Thirdly some clubs will go out of business because of the FA Contempt.
Many clubs have spent monies to gain decent positions in their respective league, others are battling relegations  all part of a season of football this decision has erased all records of the season.
The FA claim to many matches in a short time well I remember they forced Hendon to play 4 matches in a week and two on a Saturday to get the FA figures all neat and tidy, the isthmian league never objected either.
Yes it may of meant three games a week yes it  may of lead to a late start for next season, but so bloody what we are not involved in European competitions and their fixed dates,  every early season their are weeks when no midweek fixtures happen they could of been used.
Can I urge every supporter, every club, every volunteer to swamp the FA protesting in the way they have again tried to strangle the non league game
Soccer Club Swap Shop who have often rowed with the FA, have further contacted the FA with this article.
Stay Safe fellow non league buddies

Last Week the FA was approached the subject to allow step 6 and below the right to finish the season if they wished to. This was based on the fact that with smaller crowds the recommended distances between folks could be adhered to without putting people in any danger, this is known as a down to top initiative as of Today April 28th we have received no comment which with the FA is not of any surprise as they have total contempt of non league football.