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Pete was working hard in Ipswich and Viking Radio had just joined with Alex and his "Bandit Nurse" discos covering a large area in Sussex & Kent to keep the Roadshows alive, but it was the new outlet of Dem Illegal Records that really hit the headlines.
Phil launched Dem Illegal Records in Rusthall, at a live music show in the "Brahms and List" a popular local pub with a live charity cassette made up from local bands and some further afield, a task that had been rushed in 6 weeks from listening to bands live and asking them to record a track for the cassette to launch as covered by the local media.
With sales reasonable it became clear that a local booking unit for bands was needed and with Phils NHS social club contacts bands were soon signed on and venues covered, from Kent to Norfolk with those signed on bands.
Dem Illegal Records had taken off with this service as many bands were signed on (over 100 at one time) venues booked and records and cassettes released, rapidly Dem Illegal Records hit europe with bands from Holland and France also being signed on and sent out gigging, and from Ireland where perhaps the labels finest band "One September" had a record launched and UK tours booked.
Media coverage included TV appearances, and Radio show appearances as well as national music press reviews, and by 1993 Dem Illegal Records also with a monthly Kent magazine had hit the big time.
Viking Radio was back on air, and based in Tunbridge Wells and the rampant roadshows were touring the South East.
In 1995 the DTI arrived one hot Saturday to listen and possibly close down Viking Radio, however Phil went out to ask them what was the nature of their visit, the 2 listening officers stated that they were going to recommend "No Closure", and hoped to listen to some more of the excellent programming. Another Victory for Viking Radio.
1996 saw the closure of many live music venues especially hospital social clubs and thus less gigs for the bands at a local level, so for a while venues such as the Rock Garden were used, but even these could offer less time for the bands that slowly Dem Illegal Records diminished considerably from its hey day, and by 1997 Dem Illegal Records remained with a name only having in its day over 100 bands, released some 50 plus records, cassettes, and CDs, and having bands playing up and down the country 7 nights a week.
Viking Radio tried to supplement the record label but eventually with Alex leaving the roadshow business, had to keep itself alive with occassional broadcasts.
Finally in 1997 Viking Radio said goodbye to all and in January became silenced for the first time since its inception in 1977.

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Viking Radio 1977 and still with us rockin'