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It was in mid 2000 that Phil decided that having moved to London was a good time to relaunch Viking Radio, especially as the Ipswich unit had toward the end of the 1990s also ceased to operate.
He bought much equipment and from North London Viking Radio was back in the spring of 2000.
After issuing fliers and publicity material in April 2000 this was heard
"Hi and welcome back to the programmes of Viking Radio 1977, we are back on your radio with non stop music for the next 3 hours" yes Viking Radio had returned and throughout 2000, 2001, 2002, and into 2003 (June) 4 times a week 3 hour evening shows were broadcast from North London, once again the name of Viking Radio was "On Air".
During 2003  (August) and so far in 2007 irregular shows are still being transmitted and the name lives on, whilst Dem Illegal Records made a brief return until  June 2004.
But what of the future- who really knows- perhaps just perhaps Viking Radio will ride to its heyday services again, ot maybe those days are gone and Viking Radio will remain a small local based station- whatever happens the motto "Silence is Defeat" remains as true today as ever.
At present on this site their is a pre set music channel on the home page with pre programmes choices from Viking Radio, and the station is "On Air" occassionally.
DJ Phil, and DJ Annie are the main two broadcasters but hopefully soon more will be added leading to a full re launch of Viking Radio 77.
2005 saw the relaunch of Dem Illegal records with CD releases based around the music played on Viking Radio and has seen so far a steady stream of CD releases, Whilst Phil has been guesting on a number of local radio stations, "to keep in trim" he says.
2007 not only saw Viking Radio celebrate 30 years of broadcasting but more DJs on board and a joint operation with Brockley FM to ensure both stations were maintaining a high profile. The 30 years celebrations saw releases of  leisure wear items such as t shirts, and memorbillia such as Coasters, Fridge Magnets, Postcards and more whilst 2008 has seen involvement to promote two of the biggest Symphonic Rock/Rock bands namely "Nightwish" and "Gotthard" with items for sale on the catalogue web site  (see links).
The rock shows have played many great trax from these two bands and now are joined by "Airbourne"  aussie rock at its best.
2008 looks as it is gearing up for an exciting time on air and we hope to continue the message that our heros Radio Caroline allways adhered to (silence is deadly-so keep rockin) we are still here and will be for 2009, 2010 and 2011
The update
This year has seen an occassional return of VIKING RADIO mainly thanks to DJ Pete in Ipswich who is now broadcasting on a Saturday and Sunday with programmes provided by him and DJ Wendy from 1pm to 6pm on those days. Saturday covers local sport expecially the football scene, whilst Sunday has a 1 hour feature on a local band. So story here ? VIKING RADIO lives on.

The update
Viking Radio continues on air on a weekly basis and is preparing to go on the net, trial broadcasts will be based from this web site and updated on a regular basis, we also still provide the VIKING RADIO ROADSHOW the last being mid year in Cambridge to a big audience.
Viking Radio celebrates 40 years next year 2017.

The update
Viking Radio is now live on the web just click the WICKED MIXX on the front page, click and choose your music. VIKLING RADIO lives on. April 2017.

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Viking Radio 1977 and still with us rockin'