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Electricity and Gas
Try and use one company for both domestic fuels "Electricity & Gas" discounts normally apply.
Try and pay by Direct Debit first, if unable to then by Cheque on reciept of the bill demand, only use key meters as a last resort. Try and budget in advance and save the money in a savings account for the bill.
Check that you are with the cheapest fuel company by using one of the price comparison sites.
Ask to go onto the social tarif if on benefits it can save 20% on the bill.
Home tips include if cooking on electricity turn the hob off a few minutes before taking cooking items off, it will continue to cook whilst using no electricity.

Food and Household Shopping
Allways use a shopper card such as Waitrose, Sainsburys, Boots etc it costs us nothing and gives us a small amount of cash to use in the future on shopping.

If you pay a normal bill instead of being on a meter ask to get a water assessment, you will save money if you are single or a couple as the bill will be reduced.
Water Latest June 2014
Affinity Water operate a discount scheme if you have an income of less than 15.860 or are in receipt of ESA or Housing Benefits give them a call to find out more and start the claim process.

If in London apply for a "Freedom Pass" it ensures no transport costs in London and ensures free travel on buses nationwide, other areas do a simular pass system so contact your local council to find out.
Dont forget to apply for the British Rail Disabled Card if using trains around the country it costs 20 and saves the user 30% plus.

Many professional and non professional Football and Rugby clubs as well as Speedway tracks give entry discounts to disabled people, as do leisure centres, theaters and some cinemas.

If you have time to spare and want to earn shopping vouchers to use at supermarkets try different survey sites, its not a great earner but does give a small income depending how many sites you chose to see. Try UKgov, Mindover, Toluna, Pinecone, and Valued Opinion loads of others exist. Many people make 10 to 15 per month from each. Surveys can cover almost anything and take between 5 and 25 minutes.

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