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This Is The Truth

This present cost of living crisis has been deliberately created by the Conservative Government, do not blame Ukraine, Do not blame European Pressure is is solely created by the Tories.

The Conservatives were set up to help the rich get richer and that they have always done and will continue to do by reducing tax for the wealthy, reducing the levels of tax for the big multi national companies and many SADISTIC Conservative MPs and Councils are hell bent are doing the same today.

Meanwhile the Labour Party founded by the working man via the Trade Unions has abandoned this class as their MPs scramble at the bottom of society crawling from under thier stones by NOT supporting the workers and non workers as they want to sit in the House of Commons with fat cat salaries.

The Liberal Democrats who left the true Liberal Party "still in existence" to pursue a wavy lets all jump on the bandwagon policy changing daily, possibly harmless but in reality of no use in British Politics.

The Greens are perhaps the new left of centre party sensible with policies but not with enough depth and excellent on environment issues often nicked by other parties.

Todays cost of living pandemic could be resolved almost entirely by
Increasing the tax to 50% upper level for the wealth
Making sure Utilities companies pay a substantial tax rate on their massive profits
Not lowering tax levels but issue a 250 sum to anyone earning less than 20000 per annum to all those in receipt of benefits PIP/DLA, Universal Credit, Pensions etc
Continuing the utilities cost cap for 2 years not the 6 months as recently stated.
Increasing the tax / duty on spirits and wines

Getting Rid of your MP, yes you can do this
We hire them at elections.
So we should be able to fire them too.
There is a way to do this to sitting MPs in the constituencies of our towns, counties and cities.
It is called THE RECALL!

Here is how it works:
The recall process resembles the "citizens' initiative" used in direct democracy. A person or group makes a public proposal to dismiss a politician or elected public official. Then an agreed proportion of
constituents must endorse (sign) the proposal and if enough voters sign then a "recall ballot" must be held. A "vote of no confidence" leads to recall (dismissal) of the MP or official.
If the sitting MP loses the RECALL ballot then a by-election will be held in due course.

For those who voted Conservative in the last election NOW you are aware of the lies they told you in order to get your vote, i bet you wished you had never done so as you are suffering the crisis of today.

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