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Disabilities Forum was founded and opened May 2008, the aim to work with disabled people realising our potential, maximising our quality of life, improving our income and enabling us to compete on a level field.
We work with many clients giving advice, giving assistance and representing in matters concerning Housing, Benefits, Employment, Education, Training, Equipment Grants, Travel and Leisure.
Our service is free although Disabilities Forum recieves no funding from the state or private enterprise, and your information will never be passed on to a third party unless you allow us on your behalf to contact organisations that you require us to contact such as Benefits Departments, Housing Departments, Educational or Training Establishments.
The service has continued to grow with the reputation of rapid response and action provided that the service now has other areas of activity around the UK. Some local authorities have been supportive toward Disabilities Forum others such as Harrow have tried everything possible to stop Disabilities Forum being active especially in the area concerning Housing where a major investigation revealed some outragous practices.
In June 2009 "Disabled Action London" a help and campaign group which was facing closure was taken over and now is under the ceiling of Disabilities Forum.

Whos who North London Office

Phil Watkins
Founder of Disabilities Forum a former nurse and social worker registered disabled he has worked as an advisor with disabled people for a number of years previously with Greater London Disabilities and with Action For Blind People.

A part time helper she has worked for the Department of Works and Pensions as a senior officer having specialised in the disabilities area.

A part time helper who was previously a nurse in the army and in civvi street worked with Phil for Greater London Disabilities as a social worker.