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Soccer Club Swap Shop "The Catalogue"

Wills Internationale @ Wimbledon  70p
Ipswich v Crewe KOC Final 1  70p
Wills Internationale @ Wimbledon  50p
British Riders Championship @ Belle Vue  50p
Poole v Exeter,  ET  50p
Swindon v Exeter  50p
Poole v Exeter  ET  50p
Rayleigh v Eastbourne  ML, Eastbourne/Canterbury/Ipswich 4TT,   50p
World "euro final" @ Wembley  50p
Coventry  Midlands Champs  40p
Poole v Exeter ET, Exeter  40p
Wolerhampton v Cradley  DWT  40p
Australia v Rest of World @ Exeter  50p
Weymouth v Exeter/Poole/Newport  4TT  40p
British Riders Champs @ Belle Vue  40p
World Championship Final @ Wembley  50p
Coventry v Leicester  CB  40p
Hackney v Belle Vue/White City/Wimbledon  4TT Final  70p
Hackney Grand Prix  40p
Hull v Cradley  KOC  40p
England Champs v England Lions @ Leicester  50p
Coventry v Cradley  40p
Leicester v Cradley KOC  40p
Mildenhall v Crayford  40p
Oxford v Red Star Prague  IC  40p
Peterborough v Crayford  40p
Rye House v Edinburgh  40p
Hackney v Belle Vue  30p
Reading v Coventry  MMC 30p
Canterbury v Exeter, Eastbourne/Exeter/Poole 4 TT, Boston, Wimbledon Ch, Middlesbrough,
                         Poole, Stoke, Birmingham  30p
England v USA @ Sheffield  50p
Groombridge v Oxford  50p
England Stars v World Stars @ Bradford  50p
Groombridge v Oxford  Ch, Milton Keynes  50p
Ipswich v Rye House/Arena Essex/Hackney  4TT, Peterborough 25p
Oxford v Kings Lynn  25p
Rye House v Ipswich  Ch   25p
Wolverhampton v Cradley  25p
Arena Essex v Milton Keynes  GC , Glasgow KOC F, Glasgow Final Replay 25p
Arena Esses v Eastbourne GC, Wolverhampton, Poole, Oxford, Kings Lynn,
                  12 Lapper, Bradford, London Select,  20p
Mildenhall v Rospiggana Ch  25p
Oxford v Swindon  GC  25p
Star of East Anglia @ Ipswich  20p
Arena Essex v Cradley, Kings Lynn, Bradford, Reading, Wolverhampton, Belle Vue,
                     Kings Lynn KOC, Wolverhampton  20p
Cradley v Coventry  20p
Eastbourne v Coventry, Belle Vue  20p
Edinburgh v Newcastle  20p
Ipswich v Kings Lynn, Arena Essex, Wolverhampton, Cradley  20p
Long Eaton v Peterborough MT  20p
Peterborough v Edinburgh  20p
Rye House v Edinburgh, Middlesbrough, Sheffield  20p
England v USA @ Eastbourne  50p
Best Pairs @ Arena Essex  25p
Arena Essex v Kings Lynn, Wolverhampton, 12 Lapper, Cradley, Coventry,
                    Kings Lynn,   20p
Bradford v Arena Essex  20p
Eastbourne v Ipswich, Wolverhampton, Reading  20p
Edinburgh v Glasgow ET, Newcastle, Newcastle/Middlesbrough/Glasgow 4TT,  Exeter,
                        Long Eaton, Sheffield, Swindon  20p
Exeter v Middlesbrough, Sheffield  20p
Ipswich v Arena Essex
Kings Lynn v Eastbourne KOC SF, Eastbourne, Barum Trophy, Arena Essex 20p
Middlesbrough v Glasgow/Long Eaton/Newcastle 4TT  20p
Newcastle v Peterborough  20p
Oxford v Long Eaton  20p
Peterborough v Exeter, Newcastle  20p
Reading v Kings Lynn, Arena Essex, Cradley, Belle Vue, Ipswich  20p
Swindon v Oxford  20p
Wolverhampton v Cradley  20p
Pride of Kent @ Sittingbourne  350p
Arena Essex v Eastbourne KOC, Ipswich, Glavin Benefit, Hull, Edinburgh,
                      Long Eaton, Wolverhampton, Kings Lynn , Exeter 20p
Coventry v Ipswich KOC  20p
Edinburgh v Middlesbrough  20p
Exeter v Swindon  20p
Glasgow v Reading
Ipswich v Arena Essex, Peterborough KOC, Hull, Cradley, Wolverhampton, Middlesbrough,
                       Coventry, Peterborough, Sheffield   20p
Kings Lynn v Bradford, Peterborough, Ipswich   20p
Middlesbrough v Reading  20p
Peterborough v Kings Lynn, Cradley, Belle Vue  20p
British U21 Champs @ Mildenhall  30p
British U21 Champs Final @ Swindon  30p
British Champs SF @ Oxford  30p
Eastbourne v Rospiggarna Ch  20p
London v Ipswich, Peterborough Ch , Cradley, Ipswich/Eastbourne/Peterborough 4TT,
                   Eastbourne, Exeter,Reading, Peterborough, Scottish  20p
Long Eaton v Ipswich  20p
Middlesbrough v Ipswich, Swindon, Sheffield  20p
Reading v Ipswich, London, Swindon  20p
Scottish v Exeter  20p
Wolverhampton v Bradford  25p
Exeter v Arena Essex, I of Wight, Sheffield   30p
Newcastle v Edinburgh  30p
Rye House v Buxton, CT, Boston   30p
World U21 Champs @ Peterborough  30p
Welsh Open Champs @ Newport  30p
Arena Essex v Newport PT, Swindon  PT  30p
Mildenhall v Boston  30p
Newcastle v Berwick  30p
Newport v Arena Essex  30p
Reading  Classic  30p
British Champs @ Poole  35p
British U 21 Champs  50p
Arena Essex v  I of Wight PT  30p
Belle Vue v Ipswich  30p
Berwick v Trelawny  30p
Coventry v Belle Vue, Oxford  30p
Eastbourne v Coventry, Ipswich  30p
Exeter v Somerset PT, Somerset, Newport PT  30p
Hull v Somerset  30p
Ipswich v Kings Lynn, Poole, Wolverhampton  30p
Isle of Wight v Somerset  30p
Kings Lynn v Peterborough, Coventry  30p
Mildenhall v Newport  30p
Newcastle v Trelawny  30p
Newport v Somerset  30p
Oxford v Poole, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Eastbourne  30p
Peterborough v  Kings Lynn Con,  Oxford, Wolverhampton  30p
Poole v Ipswich, Belle Vue, Poland Ch  30p
Reading v Arena Essex, Somerset, Berwick  30p
Rye House v Kings Lynn Con, Newcastle, Trelawny, Berwick, Glasgow, Exeter,
                   Edinburgh, Sheffield, Boston Con, Arena Essex PT,  I of Wight PT, Newcastle,
                   Reading, Kings Lynn Con, Sheffield  30p
Sheffield v Swindon, Berwick  30p
Somerset v Exeter PT, Newcastle  30p
Stoke v Somerset  30p
Swindon v Newport PT, Sheffield, Trelawny PT  30p 2002 intro  20p
Trelawny v Workington  30p
Wimbledon v Sheffield Con  30p
Wolverhampton v Kings Lynn  30p
Workington v Exeter, Stoke  30p
Speedway 75th Anniversary @ Rye House  70p
World Jnr Individual @ Poole  50p
GB  U 21 v Sweden U 21 @ Reading  50p
Individual  @ Pardubice  1
Wroclaw v Adriana Torun  1
nr Final @ Abensberg  1
Arena Essex v I of Wight  30p
Armadale v Mildenhall CT, Exeter, Kings Lynn, Workington  30p
Berwick v Glasgow KOC, 30p
Boston v Newport, Wimbledon KOC  30p
Coventry v Oxford  30p
Eastbourne v  Coventry, Belle Vue, Oxford  30p
Ipswich v Peterborough, Belle Vue, Wolverhampton  30p
Isle of Wight v  Sheffield KOC, Newcastle  30p
Kings Lynn v Arena Essex  30p
Mildenhall v  Rye House, Buxton, Swindon  30p
Newcastle v Somerset/Wimbledon, Stoke, Hull  30p
Newport v Newcastle PL/Cl   30p
Oxford v  Ipswich KOC, Kaparna Ch, Poole  30p
Peterborough v Coventry,  Sheffield CL, Newport Cl  30p
Poole v  Ipswich, Peterborough, Trelawny LC, Eastbourne  30p
Reading v I of Wight, Hull  30p
Rye House v Arena Essex LC, Newport PL CL, Trelawny, Eastbourne, Somerset,
                   Sheffield PL CL,Glasgow, Arena Essex KOC, Swindon, Stoke, Arena Essex KOC R,
                   Workington, Carmarthem CLKOC, Oxford CL  30p
Sheffield v Coventry, Newport  30p
Somerset v Trelawny  30p
Stoke v Berwick, Workington  30
Swindon v Sheffield  CL  20p, Somerset, Berwick  30p
Weymouth Opening Rosebowl  1
Wimbledon v Sheffield, Stoke, CT Buxton CT, Boston KOC  30p
Wolverhampton v Coventry, Ipswich, Somerset  30p
Workington v Berwick  30p
Elite Pairs @ Swindon   70p
Lincolnshire Trophy @ Boston  40p
Sidecar Champs @ I of Wight  40p crse
Conference Riders Champs @ Rye House  40p
British U 21 Champs @ Rye House  50p
BSPA Q Round @ Kings Lynn  50p
Arena Essex v Eastbourne AB, Oxford KOC, Peterborough, Wolverhampton,
                       Coventry,  Belle Vue.Oxford, Peterborough   40p
Armadale v Reading, Workington, KOC Newcastle PT, Glasgow PT, Berwick PT, Glasgow ST 
Belle Vue  v  Swindon, Eastbourne, Oxford, Arena Essex, Wolverhampton, Ipswich  40p
Berwick v Sheffield, Newport, Rye House  40p Friar Memorial 35p
Boston v Rye House, Armadale, Newport, Rye House KOC, Mildenhall CC,
                        Wimbledon  40p
Buxton v Newport, Armadale  40p
Carmarthen v Boston  40p
Coventry v Peterborough, Wolverhampton, Oxford Ch, Belle Vue, Ipswich, Swindon,
                        Oxford  40p
Eastbourne v Belle Vue, Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Oxford, Poole,
                        Ipswich  40p
Exeter v Sheffield KOC, Sheffield,  I of Wight PT, Somerset, Newcastle,
                       Westernapolis  40p
Glasgow v I of Wight, Workington PT, Berwick PT, Sheffield,
                       Exeter, Hull PT, Stoke PT  40p
Hull v Sheffield, Rye House, Somerset, Berwick KOC  40p
Ipswich v Swindon, Coventry, Arena Essex, Oxford, Eastbourne KOC  40p
Isle of Wight v  Newport PT, Somerset, Hull, Somerset PT, Sheffield, Kings Lynn PT  40p
Kings Lynn v I of Wight PT  40p
Mildenhall v Stoke  40p
Newcastle v Mildenhall/Weymouth CL, Hull  40p
Newport v Exeter  CL  40p
Oxford v Poole, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Arena Essex, Swindon, Ipswich ,
                     Swindon CL, Buxton Cl  40p 
Peterborough v Poole A & B, Wolverhampton, Ipswich A Ch, Eastbourne, Oxford,
                     Arena Essex ACh  40p
Poole v Ipswich, Coventry, Eastbourne, WolverhamptonPeterborough KOC, Oxford,
                    Oxford AT, Arena Essex  40p
Reading v Glasgow PT, Newport PT, Newcastle, Exeter PT Final, Glasgow,
                    Sheffield, Glasgow, Hull PT, Kings Lynn  40p
Rye House v Kings Lynn, Reading, Boston CKOC, Oxford, Exeter, Newcastle KOC, Newport PT,
                     Eastbourne/Wimbledon Ch/CL, Kings Lynn A10T, Berwick/Weymouth PL/CL,
                     Kings Lynn, Hull/Oxford PL/CL, Somerset PT, Reading PT, Carmarthen CL,
                     Workington  40p
Sheffield v J Hall Champs, Glasgow, Coventry, Somerset, Workington, Berwick, 
                      Exeter, Hull, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Weymouth CT, Reading  40p
Sittingbourne v Wimbledon CLKOC  40p
Somerset v I of Wight, Newport SBT, Kings Lynn PT, Newport PT  40p
Stoke v Swindon CL  30p, I of Wight, Sheffield, Berwick, Hull, Exeter  40p
Swindon v Carmarthen CL, Mildenhall CL, Eastbourne, Ipswich, Belle Vue, Oxford  40p
Weymouth v Swindon CLC, Rosebowl, Carmarthen, Boston  40p
Wimbledon v Newcastle, Sittingbourne, Oxford  40p
Wolverhampton v Oxford, Poole, Eastbourne, Arena Essex  40p
Workington v Newport  40p
Grand Prix  @ Cardiff   2.50
*            "            "        Ticket  1
Grand Prix  @ Praha  3
Scotland v USA @ Armadale  60p
Sidecar Champs @ Newport  50p
Robson Test @ Rye House   50p
Yorkshire Classic @Hull  50p
British U 21 Champs @ Rye House  50p
British U 21 Champs @ Mildenhall  50p
Arena Essex v Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Coventry, Belle Vue, Oxford  40p
Belle Vue v Ipswich, Oxford  40p
Berwick v Hull, Sheffield  40p
Boston v Scunthorpe, Stoke, Wimbledon  40p
Coventry v Wolverhampton, Belle Vue, Poole  40p
Coventry v Wolverhampton, Arena Essex, Oxford  40p
Edinburgh v I of Wight, Kings Lynn, Workington, Glasgow PT  40p
Glasgow v Workington, Newport, I of Wight, Reading, Workington PT  40p
Hull v Sheffield, Rye House, Newcastle PT, Reading, Glasgow PT  40p
Ipswich v Peterborough ATC, Arena Essex KOC, Poole  40p
Isle of Wight v Somerset PT  40p 
Kings Lynn v Workington, I of Wight PT  40p
Mildenhall v Buxton, Boston  40p, 30th Anniversary  60p 
Newcastle v Stoke  PT  40p
Oxford v Arena Essex, Wolverhampton, Buxton/Sittingbourne CL  40p
Peterborough v Oxford, Ipswich ATC  40p
Poole v Swindon ATC, Oxford, Swindon KOC  40p
Reading v Kings Lynn, Somerset  40p
Rye House v I of Wight/Boston PT/CL, Kings Lynn PT, Hull/Newport PT/CL, Sheffield,
                    Glasgow, Workington, Belle Vue/Wimbledon CH/CL Edinburgh, Newcastle,
                     Kings Lynn, Glasgow, Berwick, Buxton, I of Wight/edinburgh  40p
Sheffield v Reading, Glasgow  40p
Sittingbourne v Buxton/Scunthorpe, Weymouth  40p
Somerset v Oxford, Reading PT, Kings Lynn PT  40p
Stoke v Armadale,Buxton CL  30p Newcastle PT  40p
Swindon v Arena Essex,  Poole ATC, Wolverhampton, Eastbourne  40p
Wimbledon v Newport  40p
Workington v Newcastle PT, Stoke PT, Hull PT  40p
Arena Essex v Poole, Swindon, Reading  40p
Belle Vue v Wolverhampton  40p
Berwick v Somerset, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Workington, Sheffield  40p
Eastbourne v Oxford  40p
Edinburgh v Newcastle PT, Workington PT  40p
Glasgow v Newport  40p
Ipswich v Arena Essex, Coventry, Eastbourne  40p
Kings Lynn v Newcastle/Edinburgh, Newport   40p
Mildenhall v I of Wight,Newport   40p
Newcastle v Redcar  40p
Newport v Glasgow  40p
Oxford v Swindon, Eastbourne, Belle Vue, Wolverhampton,   40p
Rye House v   I of Wight KOC, Scunthorpe, Newport PT/CL, Somerset PT,  Mildenhall  CL  40p
Stoke v Newcastle PT, Sheffield PT, Danish Sel  40p
Swindon v Oxford Ch  40p
Rye House v Birmingham  PT, Newport PT, Stoke PT/Mildenhall NL, Berwick PL/Somerset PT   1
Newcastle v Redcar Ch  1
Redcar v Newcastle   1
Somerset v Newport PT  1
Prince of Wales Trophy @ Newport  1
Junior World Championship  1
2010  all at 1 each
*  add  30p postage per programme
Glasgow v Coventry ILC, Newcastle PT, Workington PT, Kings Lynn KOC,
                 Scunthorpe, Redcar, Stoke,
                  Kings Lynn, Birmingham  1
Poole v Wolverhampton  1 *
Stoke v Birmingham PT, Birmingham M6T, Scunthorpe, Kings Lynn  1
Swindon" v Wolves, Eastbourne, Coventry  1
Premier Riders Championship  1
Premier Pairs  1
Elite Open Riders Championship  1
2011  all at 1.20 each except stated
British Grand Prix @ cardiff   10 now 5
British U21 Final  4  now 2
Berwick v Workington  1.20
Birmingham v Kings Lynn, Lakeside   1.20
Coventry v Birmingham, Peterborough  1.20
Dudley v Buxton  1
Eastbourne v Poole ch, Birmingham, Ipswich   1
Edinburgh v   Newport, Ipswich , Redcar  1
Glasgow v Leicester KOC, Scunthorpe   1.20
Hackney v Mildenhall  40p
Ipswich v Newport. Sheffield, Scunthorpe    1.20
Isle of Wight v Newport  KOC, Holmwood Pairs  1
Kings Lynn v Coventry  1
Kings Lynn v Hackney, Buxton   1
Lakeside v Birmingham, Wolverhampton  1.20
Newport v Rye House  1
Poole v Wolverhampton  1.20
Redcar v Scunthorpe, Workington   1.20
Rye House v Ipswich AC, Sheffield, Somerset, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Redcar, Berwick, Workington     1
Scunthorpe v Workington, Sheffield STT, Edinburgh PL/Hackney NL  1
Sheffield v Belle Vue  1
Somerset v Elite Select ch, Newcastle   1 Sheffield "damage corner"  60p
Stoke v Buxton, Sheffield  1
Swindon v Kings Lynn, Lakeside, Birmingham   1.20
Workington v Ipswich  1
Belle Vue v Kings Lynn  1.50
Birmingham v  Coventry, Swindon   1.20
Coventry v Lakeside  1.20
Eastbourne v Lakeside  1.20
Glasgow v Scunthorpe LC, Sheffield LC   1.20
Ipswich v Somerset LC  1.20
Lakeside v Belle Vue  1.20
Leicester v Scunthorpe  1.20
Monarchs v Berwick  1.20
Redcar v Sheffield  LC  1
Scunthorpe v Leicester test, Berwick LC, Newcastle LC   1
Sheffield v Redcar, Glasgow   1.20
Swindon v Somerset  ILC  2
Wolverhampton v Coventry  2
Lokomotiv Daugavpils v Kz Orzel Lodz  4
Scunthorpe v Somerset PL play off  2
Peterborough v  Eastbourne, Swindon, Belle Vue, Poole  3
Rye House v  Ipswich LC, Somerset LC, Glasgow KOC,  2
Scunthorpe v Leicester/Long Eaton select, Edinburgh/Sheffield select  1
Workington v Newcastle  1.20

Armadale v Glasgow  2.50
Coventry v Swindon  2.50
Edinburgh v Glasgow, 2.50
Glasgow v Peterborough, Edinburgh, Redcar   2.50
Kings Lynn v Coventry  2
Newcastle v Sheffield, Scunthorpe   2.50
Peterborough v Plymouth  2.50
Plymouth v Somerset afc,  Rye House  2
Poole v Birmingham, Belle Vue   3
Rye House v Peterborough EEC, Plymouth, Somerset, Ipswich   2
Scunthorpe v Newcastle , Somerset +cradley nat, Plymouth + Kings Lynn nat,    1
Somerset v Peterborough lc  2.50
Swindon  v Belle Vue, Poole   2.50
Wolverhampton v Birmingham, Kings Lynn   2.50
British Youth Championship @ Scunthorpe  1

Ipswich v Somerset LC, Peterborough LC  2.50
Rye House v Ipswich, Somerset LC  2

Ben Fund Bonanza  4
Berwick v Edinburgh LC 16/4, Redcar PL 26/3, Scunthorpe PL 30/4    3
Birmingham v Rye House LC 6/4, Stoke NL 26/3, Cradley Heath NL 20/4, Belle Vue colts NL 18/5, Eastbourne 1/6  2
Cradley Heath v Belle View colts  NL 28/3, Rye House NL 12/4  3
Coventry v Belle Vue  27/6  3
Edinburgh v Belle Vue  TT  1/4, Glasgow PL 15/4, Workington PL 22/4  2.80
Glasgow v Berwick LC 17/4, Edinburgh LC 3/4  3
Kent v Coventry  20/6  2
Kings Lynn v Leicester EL 21/4, Poole EL 27/4  2.50 stars v Birmingham 11/5  1
Lakeside v Poole  8/4  3
Leicester v Lakeside  28/5 ,  Swindon 4/6  3
Mildenhall v Buxton  "cubs v MK"  5/6 1.50
Peterborough v Glasgow 10/6  2.50
Plymouth v Sheffield 29/4  2
Poole v Coventry  16/3  3
Scunthorpe v Berwick  3/6  1
Sheffield v Peterborough  LC  31/3, Rye House  PL 28/4, Glasgow  12/5   2.50
Somerset v Swindon Ch 18/4, Plymouth Ch + "Exeter v Somerset" 1/4, Ipswich PL   + "Exeter v Weymouth" 29/4, Glasgow PL +"Exeter v Carmarthen"  13/5, Redcar  "Exeter v MDL" 3/6   2.50
Swindon v Poole EL 27/3, Wolverhampton EL 7/4, Kings Lynn EL 19/5    3
Wight v Mildenhall  10/5  2.50

Berwick v Ipswich  koc  2.50
Edinburgh v Redcar, Sheffield, Sheffield koc Open, Berwick  2.50
Glasgow v Edinburgh, Ben Bonanza  2.50
Ipswich v Berwick  2.50
Isle of Wight v Swindon, Handicap Meeting, GB Young Lions   2.50
Kings Lynn v Belle Vue  2.50
Leicester v Somerset, Belle Vue  3
Newcastle v Ipswich  2.50
Redcar v Sheffield  2
Scunthorpe v Peterborough  2.50
Sheffield v Peterborough, Berwick   2.50
Swindon v Somerset, Wolves  3
Swindon Sprockets v Plymouth, Isle of Wight nt post, Plymouth nt  2
Wolverhampton v Somerset, Kings Lynn  2.50

Belle Vue v Leicester  3
Belle Vue colts v Eastbourne  2
Berwick v Edinburgh, Workington   2.50
Birmingham v Belle Vue colts  3
Coventry v Eastbourne "2"  2
Cradley Heath v Coventry  3
Eastbourne v Isle of Wight KOC  3
Edinburgh v Peterborough, Edinburgh CS "1", Newcastle  3
Glasgow v Workington CS, Edinburgh KOC  3
Ipswich v Lakeside  CS  3
Isle of Wight v Plymouth  2.50
Kent v Stoke  2
Kings Lynn v Somerset , Leicester KOC, Rye House   3
Lakeside v Spring Classic, Peterborough CS, Berwick, Scunthorpe   3
Leicester v Swindon, Rye House  3
Mildenhall Fen Fours  2
Peterborough v Edinburgh, Newcastle  3
Poole v Somerset KOC  3
Rye House v Leicester, Swindon  2
Scunthorpe v Workington, Redcar, Newcastle   1
Sheffield v Redcar, Glasgow  3
Somerset v Wolverhampton, Poole KOC   3
Swindon v Leicester/Rye House,Somerset  3
Simon Stead last races @ Sheffield  4
British U21 Semi Final @ Eastbourne  3
British U21 Semi Final @ Birmingham  3
British Championship semi final 1 @ Sheffield  3
Scottish Open Championship  4
British Championship semi final  2 @ Leicester  3

2019 all with referee race card , except *
Belle Vue v Poole, Ipswich  3
Berwick v Leicester , Newcastle 3
Birmingham v Somerset CC, Eastbourne  CS Edinburgh, Eastbourne KOC, Scunthorpe koc , Sheffield  3,
Cradley Heath v Isle of Wight  3
Eastbourne v Birmingham KOC, Birmingham  CS, Somerset CS, , Leicester, Glasgow,  3
Edinburgh v Wolverhampton  ILCh, Glasgow, Scunthorpe KOC, Leicester, Newcastle  3
Glasgow v Newcastle  3
Ipswich v Swindon SC,Poole PSC, Wolverhampton, Peterborough    3
Kent v Belle Vue  2
Kings Lynn v  Swindon SC, Ipswich SC, Wolverhampton, Ipswich  3
Leicester v Ipswich ILC, Newcastle, Eastbourne, Berwick  CS SF,Redcar, Eastbourne KOC  3
Leicester Cubs v Mildenhall, Stoke, Belle Vue    2
Mildenhall v Poulton Select, Isle of Wight, Leicester, KOC Thurrock CH     2
Newcastle v Redcar, Berwick, Scunthorpe   2.50
Peterborough v Wolverhampton  SC,Poole ,  Kings Lynn, Swindon , Ipswich 3
Plymouth v Mildenhall, Leicester, Stoke, Isle of Wight   2.50
Poole v Swindon SC, Swindon, Ipswich SC, Peterborough   3
Redcar v Leicester, Edinburgh  2.50
Scunthorpe v Leicester  SC, Eastbourne, Sheffield, Redcar  CS  1
Sheffield v Glasgow  KOC,  Berwick, Glasgow KOC, Birmingham , Scunthorpe, Leicester  CS  3
Somerset v Eastbourne CS, Leicester  3
Swindon v Kings Lynn, Poole* SC, Ipswich SC, Belle Vue, Peterborough, Poole,  Kings Lynn  3
Swindon sprockets v Kent  ch  2

Sheffield  Top Gun  Match*  2
Leicester Ben Fund Bonanza  4
Peterborough Youth Championship  1
Stoke Pride of the Potteries
Edinburgh Open Championship  3
British Youth Championship @ Kings Lynn  2

Thanks to all those who have sent programmes to reduce my wants
Norman of Exeter, see some of you at Dragons