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November 26th  2020
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500 + different clubs Premier to non
league programmes  for sale
at  259 collection only.all 2019-20
Ideal for club shops or collectors.

10 2019-20 programmes "non league"
all different clubs  15  including postage
or 20 for 25 inc postage.
League  10 for 25 including

"Watching The Daisies"  reports,
2019-20 updates at

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New Wembley Enamel Badge
75th anniversare 1946-2021 Only 3.30

our email is

now incorporating
"Footie Fantastic"


Want the above foxy in your club colours, with club name above we can do these for £2 each "minimum order 70". See below.


Do you want to advertise on the site ?
Front Page  35, Order Form, Current Season, 
programme awards 30, all other pages 25.
Advert as sized above, with your site link, and
would be for 1 year.
for details.

In the News
Does your club want a badge-we can do as low as
80 enamel.badges for 2 per badge all in-
get in touch

Badge Special
30 assorted Soccer Club Swap Shop club badges
all different  for 30  including postage.
cheque payable to Phil Watkins send to
Soccer Club Swap Shop 121 Sefton Avenue Harrow HA3 5JP